Holding multiple Salesforce and Pardot certifications, the consultants at Thompson Technology have helped businesses of all sizes for over a decade. Providing CRM administration, architecture design and Pardot services utilizing the core products of Salesforce and 3rd party addons that are commonly paired with Salesforce.

But how do you know if Salesforce assistance and our services are right for you?

Here are some Key Questions to ask yourself that will help you narrow in on your decision to pair with Thompson Technology.

Do you often need help fixing problems with Salesforce?

Besides the free support plan (with a 2-day response plan) and the Trailhead resources, Salesforce does not offer immediate support. Beyond that, having someone on your side who anticipates problems rather than just fixing them is a bit like going to the doctor before you are sick. Wouldn’t you prefer that your systems work regularly all the time and that you spend less time problem-solving after you’ve encountered a problem?

We can help you with Salesforce before it breaks. Consider us your apple a day.

By avoiding the problem in the first place, you are saving money that would otherwise go to highly paid “emergency” technicians. Additionally, you are streamlining the effectiveness of the systems itself by taking out the “break and fix” pattern. User adoption rates will rise as salespeople get relief from the frustration of technical issues.

Do you have at least 20 users on either enterprise or professional edition?

Large companies tend to have management layers with specialized roles. Salesforce administrative support can help you formalize the many processes at hand to ensure they are uniform, secure, and accurate.

Having our boutique service on your team is a good, proactive solution for a mid-size to a large organization that employs several Salesforce users, especially since companies with 20 or more users often require a higher level of data security.

What reports do you need?

With a Salesforce administrator on your team, reports can be identified and created before in anticipation of management needs. Larger companies with more users may find themselves struggling to stay on top of reporting. We can help you access up to date information that increases company knowledge and in turn morale.


How Streamlined are your processes?

Would you like for your Salesforce data to be customized on a regular basis so that the data and processes are stream-lined? Your team being able to consistently get what they come for and leave with information they understand is paramount to everyone being on the same page.

Streamlining processes increases productivity, hands down.

How fast is your growth and how often is your company changing?

Dynamic companies with fast, high growth can benefit from Salesforce assistance. Change is inevitable, but managing it is possible. When employees are promoted or leave, their specific Salesforce knowledge can add a gap to the system. With assistance, your company has consistent support, and business can continue without a hiccup.


Do you have strong partner or customer communities?

If so, fantastic! This increases your need for Salesforce. The more external users you have, the larger your data storage and the greater your need for data security.

Thompson Technology can help stay on top of data updating for customer communities so that your data is accurate and accessible.

Not everyone knows that Salesforce can be customized to help you manage user access on a granular level; we help companies to do that easily and efficiently.

Let us help you stay healthy.

Thompson Technology can enhance your company by giving you a competitive edge, anticipated processes, and the advantage of making data-driven decision based on consistent and accurate reports. You have the right to all the benefits of Salesforce without the complications or inconsistency that come with growth, change, and unpredictability.

We can help remove the guessing game of company health by anticipating problems before they arise and by providing a through line of integrated support. By pairing with us, you can save yourself the headache of emergency spending during technical crashes or confusion.

Your team can rely on us so that they are free to do the brilliant work at hand.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do and how to work with us please reach out via the button below: 

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