When you’re on the hunt for a Salesforce Administrator, there are a variety of factors to consider in order to find a great fit.  Your Admin should not only be versed in the basics of the program, but they should be fluent. You are looking for someone to translate anything complicated into streamlined simplicity, so get to know a bit of their language to ensure yourself a good pick.

Here are a series of questions you can ask to get a better sense of an individual’s working knowledge and approach.

1. What is your relationship to troubleshooting?

This may seem like a given, but your choice of Admin should genuinely like Salesforce. If you choose an Administrator who believes that at its core Salesforce is an error-ridden program, they will always be at odds with it. You want an Admin who sees the beauty of the programming, enjoys the challenges that arise, and handles errors with a positive attitude. Any program can have its problems and any human can make a mistake; your Salesforce Administrator should accept challenges as opportunities and not be too thrown by curveballs that arise. They should also be able to explain to the best of their ability what has occurred and why, when possible.

2. How do you access the cloud?

One of the benefits of Salesforce is that the data is cloud-based which means that your company isn’t providing storage. An Administrator should be intimate not only with the daily accessibility of the cloud but in also making sure that your company and staff can access it without a hitch.

3. Can you talk about databases, fields and relationships?

Salesforce is built like a large database with fields and tables that feed it information with a variety of relationships. Your Administrator needs to understand the structure intimately and to be able to organize the different relationships in order to maintain flow.

Bonus: Ask them to explain validation rules to you.

4. How do you reset passwords and manage access?

With the inevitability of change within an organization, there will be times when individuals need to reset passwords and there will be times when you need to change who has access to what information. It is the Salesforce Administrator’s job to manage the security and accessibility of the data.

You want to make sure you are hiring someone who is swift and seamless in their management of security and accessibility.

5. How do you protect data and how important is data protection?

Your Salesforce Administrator, given that they have access to the bulk of your company’s data, should be someone who you trust with such information. They should be fluent in the processes of: Importing and exporting; locking and managing access; de-duplicating and finding errors; detecting data pollution; and examining user login history.

6. How comfortable are you with training new users?

If you Salesforce Administrator is not a fantastic teacher themselves, they should at least be well versed in basic training and where to direct individuals for more in depth learning. But ideally your Admin is a patient, articulate educator of the product of which they are the expert. Your staff’s ability to get onboard and use Salesforce is dependent on your Administrator’s ability to share it.

7. How often do you create and anylize reports and dashboards?

Regular reporting will ensure your company is getting the most out of Salesforce. Your Salesforce Administrator should be well versed not just in creating spreadsheets of weekly, monthly, and quarterly data, but in understanding your goals and interacting with the results in order to help you adjust and navigate company activity. Your Admin should be a solutions-oriented listener who can see through the data to catch both problems and possibilities.

8. Wrap Up

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