As a Gmail user, you may not know that you can enable a rich signature at the bottom of your emails within settings. This signature will automatically apply to every outbound email after the “—“ marker. To activate this feature, open Gmail, and in the top right click on the gear, which is the Settings option.

This will open a menu where on the General tab of options, towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see a Signature section where you can add your signature to the text box. After you enter your signature and any images desired, click Save Changes at the bottom.

The problem for many users is that the default signature is placed below quoted text and often missed. To change this and ensure that your signature is above the quoted text, navigate back to the gear icon, to Gmail Settings —> General Tab. Under the Signature option, you will find a checkbox to Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “—“ line that precedes. Check this box and click Save Changes.

Voila! Your Gmail signature will stop piling up at the end of threads and appear above the “—“ on all forwards and replies.