Using Salesforce Flow To Track User Page Views

Salesforce is a powerful tool that allows you to optimize and accelerate your business. However, how effective the platform is for your team is contingent upon the adoption of the tool.
If you are concerned about user adoption or your client management team wants to track this, Salesforce doesn’t have standard functionality that allows you to see how many times pages are being viewed within the platform. You can track changes to record fields and logins, but often, this isn’t enough to understand how your team is utilizing the platform versus relying on old processes.
In this guide, we’ll talk about the practical reasons you might wish to track user page views and how a custom flow can help solve this issue.

Why You Might Want To Track User Page Views

To understand the purpose of setting up a custom flow in Salesforce, let’s consider how a company might use this metric. The following are a few examples of reasons you might wish to set up a flow to track user page views:

  • To track website traffic
  • To understand the impacts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts on specific pages
  • To track the internal use of specific Salesforce opportunities

For a practical example, consider ABC Company. They just implemented Salesforce. However, they are struggling with organizational adoption. In particular, their sales team is continuing to rely on Excel to track opportunities.
During the early stages of implementation, ABC Company tracked logins to measure user adoption. They quickly realized this wasn’t an effective method for understanding the true usage of the platform. Instead, they wanted to track the number of times a user viewed pages associated with an Opportunity.
Tracking Opportunity record views is not built into Salesforce. However, it is possible to track these numbers through a custom flow, even gaining important information such as who viewed an Opportunity and the time and date stamp.
Let’s take a look at how creating a custom flow can help you track this metric accurately.

Creating a Custom Flow To Track User Page Views

If you would like to track if a user views a case or an account in Salesforce, you will need to create an identifier. This is a great way to track customer service interactions and view information for case and account records in a timely manner.
From here, you’ll go on to create a custom flow that will automatically build a real-time report for you, tracking page views.
Watch this video to learn more about setting up your custom flow to track user page views.

Salesforce Implementation Done Right

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