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Salesforce Administration &
Development Services

Assist your customers anytime,
anywhere with Salesforce Automation

Our certified salesforce Admin consultant can manage
your Salesforce instance and enhance it as needed.

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Salesforce marketing automation

Owing to the wide range of services provided and an array of tools that are used for specific purposes, Salesforce has transformed from a CRM platform to a field of study over time. Aspects such as development and consultancy can be studied by aspirants and obtain expertise in the same.
Of all the Salesforce designations, the role of a Salesforce Administrator is the most important. Administrators are responsible for the overall functionality and optimum deployment of Salesforce within an organization.Thompson Tech comprises skilled and experienced Salesforce Administrators to assist you in successful implementation and operation of Salesforce in your organization.

Salesforce Automation & Development Services

Often small to medium-size businesses do not have full-time Salesforce administrators. Without proper support, it can often feel like the simplest tasks take too long to be completed.
Regardless of if you need security permissions modified for new users, a new dashboard to help management track deal progress, integrate a new application with your environment, or determine the correct type of automation process to solve your needs. We can provide flexible rates to address what you need most.

Some times Out-of-the-box just does not cut it. Each business is unique, and that uniqueness is represented in your business practices.
When those opportunities present themselves, we can provide the expertise that many organizations don’t have readily available. From APEX triggers to custom integrations, we have done them all.