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Salesforce Architecture
Consulting Services

We offer Salesforce architecture consulting and scoping services,
providing professional design solutions for your infrastructure
and setting up all needed integrations.

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Salesforce Architecture & Design

We design, implement and deliver software and integrated solutions that respect architectural principles, leverage best practice and follow an approach that guarantees the results you expect.We master a wide range of technologies, programming languages and methodologies, but where we are best is at establishing an environment where your business needs and priorities are clear to our technical teams. They then do their magic and engage you in the process to confirm, refine and exceed your expectations.

Multi-tenant / Metadata / API

So you just made a substantial investment in your company and bought Salesforce. Perhaps this is your first real CRM, and you’ve decided to finally retire that excel spreadsheet you have been using for the last year…. or years… Maybe this is an upgrade, and you’ve decided that “other” software just is not cutting it. Either way, you are not alone. It’s now essential to get the support you need to set up this system the way you want it.

Regardless of big or small, we work with your sales, marketing, and operations team to get the biggest bang for your buck with Salesforce. You have a top of the line software. It only makes sense that you roll out all the features that are important to you and provide benefits to your organization.

People can be complicated, and as we are trying to engage people in personalized sales and marketing processes, our organizational processes can be complicated. This is one of the best parts about sales members; some sales members are just incredible at what they do, they know when to follow up, when to upsell, and when to ease off. While we are not to a point yet that computers can make those decisions, we are to the point that our sales applications should incorporate the best traits of our sales team and provide the guide rails for our struggling sales members to follow.

By working with our best practices, and your top reps for a few hours a month, we can design and adapt Salesforce to your organizational needs. Regardless of if this is making sure that a follow-up call is made within 24 hours of inquiry, knowing the status of that last service ticket, or tracking physical inventory such as occupancy in your facility, we build solutions that help you and your team more.’