Financial Services


Using technology to create tailored experiences in our client’s best interest, with both face to face and self-service interactions.

Let us lead you through the consistent innovation of  disruptive markets

For Financial Institutions to prosper they must reach for innovation and become customer-obsessed.
To deliver the most proactive insights and customized engagements to your clients, you have to assess how your legacy systems and data is functioning together. Are your systems getting in the way of anticipating your clients’ desires? Are you leveraging every advantage to create customized offerings based upon the behavior of your clients?

Thompson Technology was built 8 years ago to adapt to these shifts in Financial best practices, approaching client obsession through fresh eyes and new solutions based on tailoring Salesforce for your business goals. Whether you are looking to find common ground for your systems or need help making the technology anticipate your client’s needs, we are here for this to help you thrive.

Thompson Technology will help you enlarge your offerings across the Salesforce Platform together with the Financial Services Cloud, Sales & Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud by creating client obsessed, transformative experiences for your users while seamlessly merging with your legacy and adjunct systems critical to your business. Our *emphasis on Security and compliance* is customized to your targeted goals and created to help keep your focus on anticipating member needs with every touchpoint.

Banking & Lending

Our services for banks, credit unions, and lending institutions. Using technology to anticipate your customers desires in all aspects of the business lifecycle — from transforming leads to dynamic legacy relationships.

Capital Markets

Our response to next-gen, burgeoning needs in: trading, banking, private equity, sales and equipment leasing.
Creating and administering the devices to achieve lightning-to-market and outstanding ROI on your implementation, while delivering customized, data-driven services across all avenues.


Our expertise in: life & annuity, property & casualty and for brokers, agencies and carriers.
Let us create a plan to help you streamline your business operations so you can easily customize your member lifecycle from lead to legacy renewal.

Wealth & Asset Management

Our strategy around wholesale asset, and wealth management needs.
Providing you with data driven development to enable deeper client-needs anticipation, critical insights and enticing referrals in today’s uber competitive marketplace.


When you work with our Salesforce and Financial cloud experts, we leverage out stellar solution-finding skills designing the right solutions to propel your business processes forward. We’ll work endlessly to:

* Eradicate redundant tasks and paper-based processes
* Automate and streamline business management processes
* Increase awareness and knowledge of financial legalities and compliance
* Produce and enact security best practices

Our aim is always to blast technology barricades to improve performance so you can zero in on what matters most- your clients and members.


Salesforce Financial Cloud


How do you form lasting relationships, increase revenue and inspire clients, members, employees, and partners with information and tools that arrive at that exact perfect moment?

It takes the marriage of technology, customer-obsession, and industry expertise— beginning with a platform proven to provide data-driven access delivered in real time, peering into clients’ unique circumstances, with purposeful insights at every touchpoint.

Thompson Technology has a brilliant mind for solving complex problems and in our time working together they found innovative solutions to ever arising issues. They are tireless workers and deliver results. I enjoyed working with Thompson Technology and their straightforward, calm, calculated approach to solution creation.

~ William Fisher – SVP, Acra Lending


Marketing Automation Solutions


When intelligent design is applied to marketing automation for financial operations, it helps your company thrive by scaling up your business and reducing human errors; leaving you staff to grow relationships where they count, driving service, and sales with that personalized touch. So how do you begin the process of automation and when can you expect to see ROI on it?

We work with your team to implement Salesforce and Marketing automation solutions that are right for you and your clients, always working to refine your processes so that they are streamlined for your business’ individual needs.

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