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Thompson Technology tailors dynamic, personalized experiences with Salesforce that transform the way our clients optimize and accelerate their business.

It takes more than technical expertise to power and automate digital transformation — personalizing the experiences of people, processes, consulting, and change management. From ideations to strategic planning to implementation and ongoing support, we can guide you through every phase of your journey.

Salesforce Managed Services

Maximize your investment in your Salesforce platform.

Your Salesforce organization needs to be scalable and able to evolve as your business grows.

In most businesses, Salesforce maintenance is a task relegated to a single employee or admin with various other roles and with basic development support.  As Salesforce has grown it’s offering, the amount of experience needed to sustain and maximize your Salesforce organization has grown as well.

Our Managed Services will connect you with a scalable, easily adaptable and cost-effective solution to squeeze out every drop of value from your investment, offering an incredible value and negating the need for extra, dedicated headcount.

Strategic Planning

Building out and customizing your Salesforce organization is a serious affair that can transform your business, when done right. We assist and co-create with you from ideation to strategy to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from Salesforce.

Salesforce Optimization

Your organization has had Salesforce for some time, but it was never fully realized for your organization and you feel like you are not getting what you paid for. You suspect that you are missing out on functionality that could really boost your business.

We will help you assess your options and boost your functionality, while keeping processes that work well to synergize what is newly available in today’s Salesforce.

Ongoing enhancements

Salesforce’s secret power is that it can evolve and adapt with your business. We can make this happen by streamlining your business processes, and managing your delivery so that you can provide reporting and transparency that your leaders find exciting.

Technical experts and industry specialists

Your internal admin probably has other roles within your business and simply can’t be everywhere at once. Our certified team of Salesforce (and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)!) wizards can provide that special assistance to help your internal admin shine.

Lightning Migration

Zeus used lightening to rule the cosmos. The movement to the Lightning platform doesn’t need to blind you (or your team) in a flash. We will help you transform your business in bite-sized bits that work for you, so you control Lightning’s impact to your organization.

Integration Updates and Support

With up-to-the-minute synchronization, you never have to wait for updates again. We can assist you with custom API integrations, troubleshooting, integration monitoring, and more.


The analytics world of Salesforce runs on data. Our team of certified Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) specialists will ensure that you are capturing the data that drives your organization, effortlessly, reviewing your storage and backup procedures to best serve you.

Center of Excellence

Making sure that your Business strategy and IT implementations speak the same language can be challenging. We will build a bridge of best practices, training and support that assures your team sure footing along the path to measurable success with your goals.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Here at Thompson Technology, integrity and accountability is built into the fiber of our team. Your priorities and goals inform our proactive reporting process. We work with your team to strategize sale-able solutions for your KPIs, business impact and market trends, always with an eye on future planning.

Development Operations

Streamline your productivity and obliterate overhead as we guide you with Salesforce devops best courses of action. We will guide you through the implementation of a course of action that starts slowly and accelerates at your pace.

Analytics, Reports and Dashboards

Imagine everything you need to know on one beautifully laid out page specifically created for your business. It is a special passion of ours to custom-build reports that capture your metrics that really matter to your business.

Marketing Automation

Customer obsession, designed for your business priorities, can help you create and navigate an epic journey for both prospects and clients. Our Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) certified specialists can help you create a truly tailored client journey. Contact us today to find out how.

Managed Services Plans


Our completely adaptable and scalable program to provide you with ongoing support and innovation of your Salesforce Org.

Using quarter, half, or full time increments, you will  have access to virtual administration for incident management, maintenance, enhancements and optimization, along with release management that provides the resources you need while also giving you the flexibility to scale up and down over time.


Our customized approach to match the specific, unique requirements of your Org.

We will hand select a team from our experts customized around what your business needs to conquer. We will only utilize experts as needed, so that you always have the right level of coverage and it is as adapted to your needs. This will include a dedicated Services Manager to work with you as frequently or as infrequently as you may need it drive the innovation and blossoming of your Org.

Thompson Technology went above and beyond what we asked them to do. They were always available to work through any tasks we may need. On top of developing our Salesforce instance from the beginning, they also gave me a thorough education, not just on all things Salesforce but with anything they could. Thompson Technology has continued to stay a CRM advisor and close professional ally.

~ John Chase Tills,  Project Manager


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