Grow your reach with technology you will never out-grow.  Create donor-centric journeys and unify your voice.

Use the #1 CRM solution to maximize your social impact.

Non-profits, philanthropic organscartions and educational institutiona relay on integrated CRM systems to elevate their voice and amplify social impact. We leverage powerful technology to bring together your fundraising, marketing& engagement, programs and grants  to address stakeholders and create powerful communication tailored to their specific concerns. We use the world’s #1 CRM solution to deliver your voice where ever your constituents and stakeholders are at, on the web, on mobile devices, on social media or with emails targeted to their deepest concerns. 

Maximize Your Reach and Amplify Your Voice

Here are just some of the tools within Salesforce’s Non-Profit Cloud.  Let us help you tailor an organization for your specific needs.


Create donor-centric engagements with relationship-based, reactive technology. Adapt to your stakeholders priorities in real time.

Marketing & Engagement

Reach and engage lifelong supporters by tailoring your messge to align with specific goals and build long-term relationships.

Program Management

Measure and manage your programs more effectively in real time  to amplify and celebrate their impact.


Accelerate and simplify your grantmaking to ensure communities receive the investments they need to build resilience for an ever-changin world. 


Non-Profit Succes Pack

Many of our clients start their Non-Profit journey with the Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) which reimagines the worlds #1 CRM and tailors it for your Non-profit organixzation.  NPSP is a ready solution, using industry standard- data models with objects, apps and the capabilities to help manage your income streams, programs and inbound grants in one place. 

More reach with every tool. You can integrate and elevate your fundraising with a donation platform built to streamline administrative functions and optimize your donors’ experience. 


Specialized Solutions Tailored for your Organization


Every Non-Profit has unique needs. Here are some of the targeted solutions we can offer to help elevate your Organizations’ imact: 


Non-Profit Cloud

Your success is optimized with these tools:

  • Fundraising
  • Program Management
  • Marketing & Engagement
  • Grantmaking
  • Insights Platform

Education Cloud

  • Education Data Architecture (EDA)
  • Recruitment & Admissions
  • Student Experience
  • Faculty & Staff Experience
  • Adcancement
  • Marketing & Communications

Philanthropy Cloud

  • Philanthropy Cloud for Companies
  • Philanthropy Cloud for Causes
  • Workplace Giving
  • Employee Volunteering
  • Matching Gifts & Grants

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