Wealth Management

Leverage technolology to respond to increasing investor savvy and drive deeper conversations quickly using a system that pivots critical data into easily trackable actions for your team. 

Create tailored actions for your team to respond to direct conversations as well as self-service options.

Spreading out data across mulitiple disparate systems makes it difficult to manage and keep information current. Using the financial Services Cloud, we can remove these obstacles creating a direct pipeline between information and actionable items that enable your team to tailor their approach for each client, seamlessly.

With Salesforces Financial Cloud, Wealth Management firms can give their advisors more clarity regarding managed and held-away assets. We can provide asset managers with a holistic, all encompasing view of their clients portfolio data so they can tailor recommendations to be on-track for clients’ goals. We offer solutions in Retail Asset Management that can bring greater clarity and effecacy to your distrubution by giving wholesalers and distributors adn complete view of their pipelines to discover new opportunities.



“Thompson Technology helped connect all of our random systems to run off of and report to one central dashboard. This enabled us to see and keep up with emerging market opportunities and to show our client’s real-time ROI’s with each new offering. Thompson Technology was a pleasure to work with and made understanding these systems easy for our relationship managers.”

~ Johnson Magnus, SVP, Holmstead Global Services


Wealth Management

When you integrate your financial planning and core portfolio management applications, our streamlined solutions empower your entire management team with actionable, critical business insights.

Enhance Relationship Building

Deliver a tailored experience using personalized contextual knowledge of your clients goals and aspirations.

Streamline Client Onboarding

Increase process efficiency while safeguarding critical client data and KYC compliance by automating workflow and leveraging the power of real-time collaboration across systems. 

Nurture Client Relationships

By streamlining your data sources, your team will be empowered by the birds-eye-view of their clients’ households as they grow and mature to provide real-time feedback. 

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

The Financial Services Cloud gives your advisors access to the tools that enable them to stay vitally connected and nurture client relationships using data to deliver excellence every time.  We leverage the power of AI to give your team these tools to use across platforms:

360 Degree Insights and powerful tools to automate integration of assets Held Away and other  householding.

Incredible, easy to implement tools to tailor advice across all channels and multiple platforms.

Marketing Automation and workflow automation streamline time and effort helping clients achieve their dreams.

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