Potential Salesforce Challenges

Potential Salesforce Challenges

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Potential Salesforce Challenges

When used correctly, Salesforce can increase productivity, streamline functionality, and benefit an organization from top to bottom. If used incorrectly, companies that use Salesforce can miss opportunities and create stagnancy among users. Here we’ll outline some of the most common Salesforce obstacles.

Salesforce is a massive product. It’s designed to meet the needs of a large variety of companies. It is meant to be customized, not simply activated and rolled out to users. Because of the large array of options, it can prove challenging for companies to define the appropriate customization for its specific needs. It takes time to learn what’s even possible – let alone bring those possibilities to life within the application. 

Salesforce.com offers a free support plan with 2-day response time which guides users towards solutions versus fixing the problem at its root. Salesforce also offers the Trailhead video library with guided journeys and a user community. However, this support is often what users seek after problems have already derailed workflow. Users may enact these resources to troubleshoot, but they more often need the support of a trained professional to fix the problems at their roots. 

Understanding the importance of roles and profiles is key to functionality and security of Salesforce. Access should vary for individuals based on their positions for optimal data protection. Therefore, the customization of user permissions, correct profiles and hierarchical structures are paramount. 

 Companies who underestimate the importance and complexity of user management and its effect on data integrity will at some point find themselves scrambling for greater support. When data isn’t managed properly, the system can become clogged, slowing down or halting necessary reports and analytics. Additionally, without proper hierarchy protocol, users with system-wide privileges can change aspects of data at any point.  

Data inaccuracy can spiral out to affect dashboards which can then create daily chaos. Accurate user permissions can be considered the root of day to day Salesforce functionality. 

If basic systems are not functioning as intended and data, reports, and dashboards are inaccurate, then users are likely to be frustrated. User dissatisfaction means that efficiency will decrease across an organization. Salesforce works best as a central repository, and the moment not all users are engaged, the company has lost the opportunity that Salesforce offers. 

Users comes to work every day to hit targets, close deals and feed the pipeline. They can’t do any of these things if they’re stuck in front of a screen trying to diagnose yet another software problem, or are expected to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks that could otherwise be automated. If it’s a hassle to use Salesforce, your team won’t use it.  


In order to get the most out of Salesforce, it can benefit an organization to work with professionals who can keep use best practices to maintain efficiency and to fix the errors at their roots. If your company needs help, consider reaching out to us at Thompson Technology. We’d be happy to keep your challenges at bay while increasing your organization’s functionality and continued success.